Urban Supper 09.20.14

 eatPGH Urban Supper 09.20 | 919 Liberty Avenue, Downtown Pittsburgh
Grit & Grace, BRGR & Spoon | Root 174 Meat & Potatoes and Butcher and the Rye


Joseph_20140920_DSC_0010 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0019 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0045 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0026 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0039 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0070 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0138 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0054 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0149 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0056 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0188 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0192 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0142 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0057 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0123 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0197 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0220 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0209 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0259 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0185 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0119 Joseph_20140920_DSC_0340


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